*Centric, an extension of the BET network, has designated a Jill Scott weekend this  Saturday and Sunday which is inclusive of the 30 minute special Hidden Beach Presents Jill Scott: A Documentary.” The engaging program takes viewers back to the beginning of the Hidden Beach story that birthed the queen of neo-soul’s rise to platinum fame and fortune.

The music in the documentary is inclusive of songs from the soon to be released album titled “The Original Jill Scott From The Vault Vol. 1.” Though Miss Scott is experiencing meteoric success on a new label (Blues Babe/Warner Bros.) with her Light Of The Sun album,  all songs on her Vault collection were selected, approved and written by Jill Scott.

For the ten years that Jill was on the Hidden Beach roster, Jill engaged in lengthy studio sessions sometimes recording up to 50 songs per album. Of course only 10-15 would make the cut. The Vault contains the wonderful residual material that was not selected at the time.  Jill explains how she has been able to create so much great music:

“It comes in lumps, the lyrics come in big rocks and I feel like I don’t breathe until it’s over.”

The Jill Scott documentary is punctuated by the sentiments of (among others) Gail Mitchell, Senior Editor of Billboard, radio personality Monie Mon, artist David Banner, comedian Red Grant and Thornell Jones (of Fortress Marketing for Hidden Beach). Thornell had this to say about Hidden Beach’s decision to finally unveil what’s been in the Jill Scott vault.

“I like to use the analogy as fine wine that has been locked away for a later date. Now it’s time to open up that $2,000 bottle of wine and share it with your friends.”

Now fans can vibe on Jill Scott’s renditions of Running Away, I Don’t Know, Hold On Dear and Mr. & Mrs. Record Industry, a song where Jill lyrically puts the industry on notice to take note of real talent whose time has come.   Pre orders of The Original Jill Scott From The Vault Vol. 1 (digital or CD) are available now along with a free mix tape; and the official release date is now August 29th!

The Original Jill Scott From The Vault Vol. 1 will be released in two versions with different distinct packaging. There is a standard 11-track edition and a deluxe edition.  The Deluxe Edition includes two live bonus tracks and a twenty page booklet with full lyrics and producer notes.  For more of what’s happening with Jill Scott, visit her official site www.missjillscott.com.

For more on the Jill Scott Hidden Beach documentary on Centric, go to www.jillscott.com.