*Great news for Johnny Gill fans! JG’s next album has been given the green light.

Ira DeWitt, CEO of Notifi Records has dropped the lawsuit against the singer, who is signed to her label.

“Notifi is proud to be releasing Still Winning, Johnny’s first album in 16 years on October 11. I’m very happy to put this dispute behind us and I’m confident that his loyal fans will be thrilled with the final product,” said DeWitt.

The suit was filed after Gill believed Notifi intentionally leaked his single, “Might Cry.” So he took to Twitter to air the dirty laundry.

After the two met, Notifi agreed to conduct an investigation to get to the bottom of everything. In the meantime, Gill agreed to share with his Twitter followers that poor communication led to the tension.

All is well again.

Gill stated: “I’m elated to continue this journey that I’ve started with Ira and Notifi Records. Through conflict we found a resolution, and not to mention I’ve found my friend again. I could only hope that the attention that was given to our conflict, will be given to the example we set with our resolution.”

Johnny’s new album, “Still Winning” is expected to drop Oct. 11.