*And the drama continues.

Jennifer and Eric Williams are the talk of the “Basketball Wives” season finale. The divorcees called in (separately) to the Power 105 Breakfast Club to talk about the episode and the explosive drama the two shared in the season’s last show.

Despite the opinions we all may have, Jennifer admitted that she shouldn’t have thrown a drink at her ex’s back when he tried to walk away from her.

“I was frustrated ’cause I felt like we didn’t get anywhere. He walked away. I picked up the glass and I threw it. I was not aiming for his head or to get on him. I wasn’t trying to throw the glass to get on anyone. I’m sure it was like an ego thing and his pride was involved,” Jennifer told the crew at Power 105.1 in New York.

Jennifer’s actions were more or less explained and resulted from the immediate events of the time. However, Eric admitted that his issues came from an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine. And he isn’t sorry.

“You know damn well why I threw that drink in her face like that. She dishonored my mother,” Eric explained, referring to Jennifer’s comments about Eric’s mother not liking her.

“That was a conversation between my mother and her. She was supposed to wear that to the grave. No one was supposed to know about that conversation. She put that sh_t on Sister 2 Sister magazine,” he said.

Although some “Basketball Wives” viewers don’t blame Eric for throwing a drink in Jen’s face after she threw one at him, most have criticized him for acting so aggressively toward his wife. However he isn’t sorry.

“I don’t apologize for the reaction,” he said.

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