Monica Cost

*On Women’s Behavior

A woman that wears low cut shirts with her breasts in full view and wonders why men can’t look them in the eye. A woman that wear’s tightly fitting and revealing clothing to a business meeting and wonder’s why the men are not taken them seriously. A woman that constantly nags her husband, accuses him of things she cannot prove and/or constantly finds ways to start fights, then wonders why he doesn’t want to come home. A woman  that wears her success on her sleeve and emasculates her husband and then wonders why he can’t seem prosper. He ultimately can’t take it anymore and she is surprised. No judgment, but are you serious?

On Men’s Behavior

A man that doesn’t call his wife all day after she’s worked, cooked and put the kids to bed and then wonders why his she is not in the mood for intimacy. A man that has wondering eyes when he’s with his wife and wonders why she’s insecure about their relationship. A man that sits around with no ambition and then wonders why his wife loses interest. A man that gets with a woman based on how she looks, without getting to know her, and then wonders why they ultimately don’t get along. No judgment, but are you serious?

On Dating

Two people that bypass an opportunity to get to know one another, but move straight into a full fledged relationship then wonder why they can’t get along. They don’t know each others idiosyncrasies. She wants 5 children, he wants none. He’s never committed to a relationship longer than one year, she just came out of one that lasted seven years. She believes in God, he does not. His friends are important to him, she requires a lot of his time. He’s comfortable where he is in life. She is swinging for the fences. The relationship doesn’t work and they are surprised. No judgement, but are you serious?

On Children

Every time something doesn’t go a certain way for a child and they whine about it, the parents cater to them and give them what they want; then wonder why their children are constantly pouting and can’t seem to find happy. A child ignores a parents instructions and continues to do what they want to do instead, then the parent(s) wonder why they have no control over their children. Parent(s) leave their children to their own devices, then wonder how in the world they ended up into so many unhealthy situations. No judgement, but are you serious?
On Life

A person that doesn’t do anything to fulfill their life’s goals then wonders why life doesn’t have much to offer. A person that constantly tears down others with their mouth then wonders why they can’t ever move forward. A person that has no value system with which to lean on then wonders why they have no direction. A person that has low expectations from life then wonders why “it’s always me”. A person that stands for nothing then wonders why the fall for anything. A person that’s always looking around to see what others are up to then wonders why they keep bumping into walls. No judgment, but are you serious?

This week’s article is not about denying or changing your truth, but simply acknowledging that the truth you’re living will produce certain outcomes. This will keep you out of the land of make believe.

Live your truth.

Monica Cost is communications strategist, brand manager and respected corporate and motivational speaker. She is the President and Founder of Evidently Assured, a communications and brand management firm.  Email her at:  [email protected]. Follow her via Twitter: @monicacost and