Monica Cost

*I’m not sure if Will and Jada are splitting or if Jay Z will put out another hit record or if Jennifer Anniston will have a baby or if Halle Berry will find true love or if Lindsay Lohan will get her act together. I just don’t know. And, here’s something else I don’t know. . . them. I wish each and every one of them happiness and much success, however I have friends whose life’s issues, concerns, accomplishments, hurts and happenings concern me more. Like most of us, what I know of these public figures is what I can see and read in the media. I don’t actually know them, their dreams, wants, issues, or truths.

This isn’t a judgment call on those who find the lives of famous people fascinating and worth a post or a tweet. It may just boil down to my lack of curiosity about things that don’t concern me, or it could be that I have come to understand, through my own journey, that if you just live a little longer, you might see just about anything. This has kept me from   being overly shocked or intrigued by the happenings in their lives.

It might serve us well to remember that the majority of our information regarding public figures is third party information. We haven’t heard it from the “horse’s mouth” and we,most likely weren’t there to witness their real lives. You think Will and Jada are the reigning Black family of Hollywood? That may be true. . .today. You think Jay Z is such an amazing lyricist and businessman that he can’t fail? That may be true. . .today. You think Halle is the most gorgeous woman on the planet, secure and able to land any man she chooses? That may be true. . .today.

My point is not that something is destined to go wrong for these public figures. I’m actually encouraged by their success. It is simply that each day comes with certain truths. Some of these truths allow us to stay on our current path, others will warrant a change in direction. When I see people putting others on a pedestal, envying their success, doting over over their lifestyle, I want to say, “just live a little longer”. When you do, you find that  your truth changes. You find that what was important to you yesterday, may not be important to you today. You realize that there is no need to “clutch your pearls” when things are what they used to be, because things are destined to change. You simply live in the truth of today. In the absence of the full story of these celebrities, we can really only say “I’m not sure”, yet we (as a society) continue to assign labels and expectations based upon our own expectation that the vision we’ve dreamed up for these people or our vicarious living will continue to be supported by them. Just live a little longer.

Before my finishing this article, there were already more posts released saying that, the Smiths, are not actually separating. Either way, I wish them well. As for the rest of us, let’s keep living.

Find your truth and just keep living a little longer.

Monica Cost is communications strategist, brand manager and respected corporate and motivational speaker. She is the President and Founder of Evidently Assured, a communications and brand management firm.  Email her at:  [email protected] Follow her via Twitter: @monicacost and Living Your Truth at launching in November 2011.