London (CNN) — Heavy policing has brought calm to London after several days of rioting and looting, but trouble has continued to spread to other cities around the country.

Where did the rioting begin?
In Tottenham, north London, an ethnically diverse area where locals had been protesting Saturday about the death of 29-year-old Mark Duggan, a black man who was shot in a police operation on Thursday.

Where has the rioting taken place?
In several areas of London and other major British cities, such as Birmingham and Gloucester in central England, Manchester, Salford, Liverpool and Nottingham further north and Bristol in the southwest.

After the initial outbreak in Tottenham overnight on Saturday, violence also spread on Sunday the north London suburb of Enfield, Brixton in the south and Oxford street in central London, the capital’s main shopping district.

On Monday afternoon large gangs roamed Peckham and Hackney in east London, looting shops, attacking buses and setting cars and shops alight.

Later on Monday trouble spread to the leafy London suburb of Croydon, where several buildings, mainly shops, were set on fire. In Enfield, a large Sony distribution center was torched.

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From Time: Why the Violence Is Spreading Across England

*In the three days that followed the initial riots in Tottenham, disgruntled youth across the country have shown they’re ready for a riot — and whatever status and material objects their disobedience may confer on them.

By 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, mobs were disturbing the peace for the fourth consecutive evening. In Manchester, hundreds of youth — some clad in balaclavas, others in ski masks — fought running battles with police.

In Salford, a nearby suburb, separate groups of hooligans looted a liquor shop and set a clothing store on fire. In Nottingham, a group of at least 30 men firebombed a police station. And in Birmingham, a hit-and-run driver killed three men who had taken to the streets to protect local shops.

That unrest followed copycat lootings and violence that had already taken place in other major hubs including Bristol and Liverpool. Nationwide, police have now made more than 1,000 arrests.

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