*According to online reports, NBA center Kendrick Perkins was arrested early Saturday morning on charges of public drinking and disorderly conduct in his hometown of Beaumont (Texas), according to authorities there.

Perkins, 26, was taken to Jefferson County Correctional Facility at 4:17 a.m. and released four minutes later, according to a jail official who declined to identify herself, reports the Boston Globe.

Perkins, who formerly played for the Boston Celtics and now for the Oklahoma City Thunder, posted $150 for each charge, jail officials said.

Here’s what went down: police were called to a club in the city after Perkins arrived with a large group of people and became belligerent, according to Beaumont Police Sergeant Mark Levy.

“He got drunk and wanted to fight everybody,” Levy said.

His friends tried to calm him down and get him out of the club, but Levy said Perkins refused.

“He was his own worst enemy,” Levy said.

The charges are minor, Levy said, and rise only to the level of a misdemeanor.