*Oprah is always on the move, especially with her new network OWN sprouting wings. But there’s a bit of an obstacle in her way.

A New Jersey woman is suing the television talk show host, saying her mantra was stolen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit — Simone Kelly-Brown and Own Your Power Communications, Inc. — claim that the phrase “Own Your Power” – and its acronym, OYP — was their idea, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The suit claims that the entire concept of believing that “anything you want in life is attainable” will help you live you best life is originally from the communications company.

Now the motivational speakers are seeking damages to reverse the injury caused by Oprah.

The cover of her October 2010 issue of her magazine, the phrase “Own Your Power” and it is also the title of a section of her website.