*So, everyone hasn’t quite gotten over R. Kelly’s past behavior, with the underage girls and all.

Last week, the singer, who is recovering from emergency throat surgery, served as the grand marshal for the Bud Billiken back-to-school parade for children in Chicago. And of course that didn’t go over too well with a lot of the parents in the audience, especially due to his illiteracy issues and child porn charges.

But die-hard Kelly fans who seem to overlook the singer’s dirty, rotten habits, came to his defense.

According to news reports, a woman in the audience shouted out to him, “You’re still my baby, no matter what you did!”

But Chris Bertram, who was in the audience, cried unfairness about criticism over Kelly’s illiteracy, saying, “He used his God-given talent. That doesn’t mean he can’t tell the kids to go to school and do something he didn’t do.”

On the other hand, Kelly wasn’t like a regular celeb and dip out after the parade. He stuck around and spent time with the area children.