*Shaunie O’Neal is not ashamed to share her opinions about reality television.

Time and time again, she’s expressed her disapproval of the negative portrayal of Black women on “Basketball Wives.”

Most recently she shared with Fox 411 about her burning desire to change reality TV:

“When I started the show I really just wanted to follow this group of ladies around. We all have a common bond; we understand each others lives. It started as that. Since then, it’s taken on a life of its own. I never imagined it would be a group of ladies fighting and arguing that way that they do. That was never part of the plan.”

“I hate that it has to be a fight or an argument that gives us 4.2 million viewers. I hate that, but it’s something where I’m working as hard as I can to show some type of balance, because it is there. We do know how to act, we do charity work. I would love a little more balance and we’re going to try to do more of that in season 4,” she said. “I know that people love the fighting and the arguing, but I do want to have some positive in there somewhere.”

Although very adamant about the content and quality of the show, she has very little control of the creative elements, even as a producer. The new show “Basketball Wives: LA” is one of those things she isn’t quite happy with.

“I feel like that show, from what I hear in certain production calls and stuff like that, is turning into ‘I have slept with a basketball player at some point of time in my life, so now I’m on ‘Basketball Wives.’ That’s definitely not what I brought to the table and not what I would be proud of having my name on. I think that’s a whole different show that I wouldn’t produce.”