*Before we get into the gossip, let’s just take a moment to congratulate Sherri Shepherd and her new husband Lamar Sally on getting married this past weekend.


Ok, now that the moment is gone, it takes nothing but a snap before rumors get started. Blog site Rhymes with Snitch reports that the couple’s families are at odds and her daddy doesn’t agree with the marriage, along with her new mother-in-law.

According to the gossip, her father’s against it because the television star is the breadwinner and isn’t too excited about Sally joining team Sherri and also becoming her new manager.

Sally’s mama on the other hand is said to be outright against Sherri, allegedly saying she’s not good enough for her son. She apparently likes his ex-girlfriends a whole lot better.

But the family isn’t the only group of folk fans and critics are wondering about.

Sherri’s talk show friends, Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters and Joy Behar were nowhere to be seen at the wedding.

Some of the comedian’s guests were actually upset her colleagues missed out.

One source stated, “I assumed that they would be there as did all of the wedding party and guests, or they should have at least sent a video of congratulations as well as expressing why they regret they could not attend or to show they were at least there for Sal and Sherri in spirit.”

While the rumors spread, we can all hope the score will be settled in the next season of “The View” in September.

Well, we say regardless of the drama as far as who was there and who wasn’t, and what other people might feel about the couple, Sherri is a happy bride. After her wedding, here’s what she told Life & Style: “Second chances really do happen, and I got mine! I’m married now!”