*Last week, in the midst of a 5 min plus rant about Tavis Smiley and Cornel West hating on President Obama, Steve Harvey called the dynamic duo “Uncle Toms.” For that he has apologized.

Smiley and West criticized the president for overlooking the poverty in the nation, petitioning him to join them on a nationwide “poverty tour.”

Earlier this week, “Dem Poverty Boyz” responded to Harvey on the Michael Baisden radio show.

“When you are trying to talk about issues that affect the people, name calling gets in the way,” said Cornel. “Name calling is nothing but another weapon of mass distraction.”

Tavis added, “You don’t let haters get you down, you have to stay focused on the issue. That’s why you haven’t heard neither one of us respond to Steve Harvey, or Tom Joyner. We don’t call people names. We stay focused on the issues.”

As we stated at the top, Harvey apologized for calling the scholars out of their names on his Tuesday’s morning show.

“In retrospect, I probably should not have called these men ‘Uncle Toms,’” said Steve. “I wear so many hats that sometimes as a comedian, I cross the line, which I will continue to do. I apologize for referring to them that way.”

Steve continued, “But everything else I said, good. I’m not retracting my statements. I’m just apologizing.”

In conclusion, Steve Harvey isn’t sorry for his overall statements and still feels Smiley has a personal vendetta against the president.

“I don’t understand when people reference me as having a personal beef with Barack Obama,” said Tavis on Baisden’s show. “He didn’t come in 2008, but I’ve never said anything negative about Obama other than things holding him accountable. One year later when he was the President, he spoke. If you think my beef is with him because he didn’t show up in ‘08 when he was a senator, but he did show up in ‘09 when he was president, what then is the beef about?”

Cornel West had one last response about the uncle tom comment:

“When somebody calls me an ‘Uncle Tom,’ that’s just like calling me an Eskimo or a star in the National Hockey League, that’s just ridiculous.”