*Uh oh, all of Katt Williams’ mess and mental breakdown business is about to be on “front street.”

A new tell all book being released by comedian Darryl Littleton talks all about the drama, the personal business, and betrayal that went on while the two traveled the road together.

The insider reveals what went wrong with one of the most meteoric careers in modern show business, in some opinions. From the tantrums, drugs, groupies, lavish hotels, sexual exploits, booze, expensive cars, multiple suicide attempts, private jets, fans, celebrity worship, swanky homes, hanger-ons, feuds, jail time, court dates, gang hits, fat cigars and betrayal are all chronicled.

But the book not only exposes Katt. It also highlights the issues and the dangerous patterns developed in the lifestyles and in the minds of celebrities.

In 2008 Katt Williams had risen to become one of the most controversial, sought after entertainers in America solidifying such lofty hype with a $50 million grossing comedy tour followed up by a well-publicized meltdown, a brief stay in a mental facility and retirement.

What happened to Katt? Littleton answers the question from his perspective in “Pimp Down: The Rise & Fall of Katt Williams.”