*Director Matthew A. Cherry is a man on a mission and is making moves like Barry Sanders in his prime.

Around this time a year ago he was directing some of your favorite neo-soul videos and doing PA work for this year’s blockbuster “Transformers 3” and now he’s on some next level type stuff.

He just wrapped up a 15 day shoot on his first feature film “The Last Fall,” starring Lance Gross and Nicole Beharie. The film also features veteran actors Vanessa Calloway and Keith David.

“Fall” is described as a coming of age sports drama that centers around players who are facing the early retirement from their dream job, professional football.

The film is being produced by Transparent films and NFL player Elllis Hobbs of the Philadelphia Eagles in conjunction with production company, Outer Stratosphere and Nikki Love. Cherry will also serve as executive producer.

They say creative people should pull from personal experiences, and premature retirement from the NFL is something Cherry can certainly relate too after brief stints with the Bengals, Panthers and Ravens.

We’ll keep you updated on when you can expect to see it at a theater near you.