*Just hearing those three words makes me cringe. Maybe it shouldn’t, but I’m being honest. Waiting on God is sooooo uncomfortable sometimes, mainly because you never know how long you have to wait.

God is so… ummm, “funny” to me at times (I can’t think of another word).  I say that because He will show you what He has in store for you (blessings, miracles, etc.), but He doesn’t always tell you when you’re going to get them. I’ve been in the “waiting process” for almost three years now. WHEW! Let me tell you, it has not been easy.

God showed me something that is promised to me, but I have not gotten it yet. When He initially showed me, I was so excited, and expected it soon after. When it didn’t come, I went to God in prayer. When it still didn’t come, I went to Him again in prayer. This pattern continued until He revealed to me that consistent prayer is what He wanted all along. He enjoyed me talking to him so often, so I started talking to Him even more. Then I began fasting and praying. For three days at a time, I would close out all outside influence-no food, no Tv, no Internet, no phone -just Him and me. It was amazing. We began sharing so much. Then He started sharing some things about me that I didn’t realize-and they were things that I definitely needed to change. I was so shocked. I didn’t know I was that messed up. (LOL).

As He shared these things with me, He let me know that those were the reasons I was in the “waiting process.” I was not ready for the blessings He had shown me. But he assured me that the time I was spending with Him was preparing me, so I shouldn’t worry. I began to change before my very eyes.

I’m still changing. I’m learning things about myself everyday that I never realized were holding me back from being the true woman of God that He designed me to be. I may not be where I will be when this process is over, but I am miles ahead of where I was when it started. Hallelujah! But, I must also add, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned while waiting on God is that often times the major blessings are the lessons we learn while waiting on God, even more so than the original blessing we sought Him for. God’s timing is impeccable. Trust Him and continue to WAIT.

The Nevels Sisters (April Nevels)