*Was it something that you said…

Those are the words Esnavi uses to begin her debut single “Unexpected Love”, before launching an ode about a beau that seemingly came out of nowhere. There aren’t many bells and whistles on this track; it’s a woman, her voice and her story over a hypnotizing beat, just the way it was meant to be.

“Unexpected Love” is a gift to R&B lovers, a song that most of relate to, because we’ve been here in our lives. Esnavi doesn’t try to out sing herself or create a song that you can’t sing along with her on your way to work, this is your song. Her voice is soulful, the music is concert with the passion she sings of.

Esnavi (Es-Nah-V) is a Miwaukee, WI native now living in New York City and her debut album, Exit E, is sure to be a testament of life through her eyes. As “Unexpected Love” reveals a vulnerability that allows someone to sweep into your life and enrich it, Esnavi is on the same mission, hoping to fill a void many of us have for soul music. Her lyrics are honest depictions of what life looks like through song and set to a melody.

Wasn’t looking for a love like mine or someone new to come into my life…

The song is catchy, but not in a gimmicky way, in a way that you reminisce over the feelings she conjures. “Unexpected Love” is what you should be listening to stuck in traffic after a long day in the office or an awesome first date. Eclectic. Soulful. Natural. Authentic. Vivacious. Intriguing. That’s Esnavi, call your local radio station and request “Unexpected Love” and pick up Exit E this fall.

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