Somebody Help Me 2 cast (L to R) Marques Houston, Malika Haqq, Omarion Grandberry and Chrissy Stokes.

*“We want the viewers to want a part three,” said Marques Houston (You Got Served, UPN’s “Cuts”) about the Vivendi Entertainment movie release, Somebody Help Me 2, that he stars in. “If they say that, we’ve done our job.”

Somebody Help Me 2 is a suspense thriller – a franchise of the original Somebody Help Me movie – that also stars reality star Malika Haqq (E!’s “Keeping up with the Kardashians”), Omarion Grandberry (You Got Served), and new-comer Chrissy Stokes. The film debuted on BET as their highest rated film in 2010.

Houston stars as Brendan Young and the film follows him, and his family, as they approach the anniversary of a past weekend of mystery and murder. Brendan desperately tries to find away to ease his family’s fears of the anniversary’s approach while dealing with frightening dreams of its return. The film takes you with Young as he tries to rescue his loved ones from a madman determined to emotionally break them.

Written and directed by Houston’s long time business associate Chris Stokes (You Got Served, House Party 4), Somebody Help Me 2 is currently unrated. Omarion stars as Darryl Jennings, Young’s friend – who also shares the anniversary nightmare – along with Malika who plays Marques’ lady Jasmine and Chrissy who plays his niece, Tee Tee.

“This is suspenseful,” Marques informed me when ask if it had gruesome death scenes. “(For example) I’m in a cage with knives hanging down and you’re wondering if that was me what would I do?”

Or as I was thinking, what would happen if one knife fell! When I asked about the use of stunt men for this scene – because of the danger of knives falling – Marques said he did his own stunts.

“I’m the black Jackie Chan,” he laughed. “One got loose and it fell and I had to jump out the way. Most of the knives were rubber, but a couple of them ‘were’ real.”

Available through Vivendi Entertainment, a distribution arm of Universal Music Group, Somebody Help Me 2 is currently available on DVD and can be found at and

Yolanda Adams unveils new clothing line while promoting her powerfully inspirational new CD release, ‘Becoming’

The Yolanda Adams Collection

*The Yolanda Adams (YA) Collection was recently launched by multi-platinum Grammy and Dove Award winner Yolanda Adams for the tall and curvy woman suited for the boardroom to the worship room. Adams is also promoting her latest album release “Beginnings” (Wal-Mart exclusive) and its first single “Be Still.”

“I’ve been working on a jeans line for the last five years after having Taylor,” Yolanda Adams said about the creation of her clothing line. “We go to the store and buy whether it fits or not. We need clothes for the curvy women and tall women with longer arms and pants legs.”

Adams went on to explain that women with curvy hips have waist that don’t fit in most pants in retail stores.

“Most women don’t think about the fitting part of it,” she said. “The Yolanda Adams Collection is fashions for the petite size 4 to women size 26 because my audience is from all walks of life…all sizes.”

Her latest album, “Becoming,” is a powerfully Inspirational Contemporary Praise and Worship project. The album is reminiscent of her earlier projects that garnered her signature songs such as “The Battle Is The Lord’s” and “Open My Heart.”

“I never did stop touring, just the recording piece of it,” Adams said when asked if she stopped singing since becoming a radio jock on the Radio One syndicated radio show “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show.” “I finished my record contract with Columbia and was a free agent. With Wal-Mart you get a billion people a week. They’re a great partner and I just went in to get my Turkey Burgers in the stores and they said, ‘well what about your album’!”

My favorite songs on the “Becoming” project include the signature Yolanda Adams Contemporary Praise and Worship track “Victory,” a warriors’ marching song, where her vocals are sharp and powerful; “Gotta Tell Ya,” a Urban number that you can’t help but rock your body to; “Golden,” a hot R&B flavored song; “Not Giving Up” a stand-out Inspirational track, and “Be Blessed,” a very moving selection.

For more information on Yolanda Adams’ “Beginning” project or for upcoming performance dates log onto and to review The YA Collection log onto

Maryland’s Contemporary Christian singer releases an inspirational debut self-titled album, ‘Marti’


*Born in the Bahamas, Christian singer/songwriter Marti Dorner was also born into a musical family so singing came naturally. Listeners to her debut self-titled album, “Marti,” will see that transcends into a great Inspirational project that everyone can enjoy. The Maryland resident is offering 11 uplifting Contemporary Christian selections.

“I was 21 and in college when I took music seriously,” Marti said about her music career’s humble beginnings. “The calling of the Lord was really strong in high school when I attempted suicide because I didn’t feel like I was pretty (though I was popular).”

Marti said that depression followed her to college, but her music was an outlet.

‘I realized I had so many lyrics…my life written in words,” Marti explained. “What I had gone through… He will turn it around…You can be whole too.”

Marti explains how that happened on this album. It’s a testimony of-sort on how God, through his music, saved her from a life of depression. My favorite cuts on the “Marti” album are “He Is Able,” “Fill This Place” – a sweet song of God’s love for us, and “Sacrifice,” a Praise and Worship marching song.

For more on Marti’s album log onto her website at

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