*Love is in the air for former Giants star, Tiki Barber.

The football player is making his way back down the aisle soon as he recently proposed to his girlfriend Traci Lynn Johnson, 24, who was an intern at NBC.

If you think back, you’ll recall that this is the girl Barber left his wife for in 2009 when she was pregnant with twins.

“They got engaged,” Mark Lepselter, Barber’s agent and close friend, told the NY Post of Tiki and Traci. “[Tiki’s] very happy, and he’s moving forward with his life.”

However, before he can say “I do,” the 36 year old has to officially release his wife, so to speak.

The divorce is currently pending after the two have bitterly battled it out in court.

This whole situation for the athlete has not been good. After leaving his wife who had already mothered two small children with him, she banned him from the hospital delivery room when she gave birth to two girls in May 2010.

Also, it was probably an obvious one for the poor guy, but NBC did not renew his contract. As a result of his issues and possibly soon to be financial disaster, he is attempting to return to the NFL after five years of retirement.