*Yesterday, after reports/rumors hit the net that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were having marital problems, the couple released a statement denying that they had separated … that their marriage was “intact.”

A lot of folks are hoping that means everything is hunky dory between the two. However, TMZ is still digging into the couple’s business and filed this interesting report:

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are having significant problems in their marriage, but they have NOT made a decision to separate … at least not yet — this according to sources connected with the couple.

Reports have been swirling that the couple has separated.  We’re told it’s “definitely a possibility” but they haven’t pulled the trigger.  In fact, we’ve learned Will, Jada and their kids are going away together soon — as a family.  Our sources would neither confirm nor deny if the trip is a last ditch effort to save the relationship.

We also asked our sources about the somewhat curious statement from Will and Jada, that their marriage is “intact.”  Specifically, why didn’t they go the more traditional PR route and say they’re still in love and committed to each other?  Our sources privately said, the language was carefully constructed.

Stay tuned …