*The GMC network (formerly Gospel Music Channel) steps out in a bold, new direction with “Trinity Goodheart,” the first of several original movies that will premiere on GMC every month.  “Trinity Goodheart” also embodies GMC’s expanded programming philosophy which reaches beyond strictly Christian fare.

“Trinity Goodheart” is the touching story of a spirited adolescent girl (Erica Gluck from BET’s “The Game”) who is told by an angel to seek the truth about her long-lost mother.  Trinity’s quest leads to friction with her free-spirited single father (Grammy-nominee Eric Benet) and with the estranged grandparents she tracks down.  But, Trinity’s faith has a profound and unexpected impact on her fractured family.

13-year-old Erica Gluck says audiences will identify with “Trinity Goodheart’s” themes of love, faith, heartache and reconciliation.  “Everyone can relate on some level,” the teen star states. “Everyone will walk away gaining more.”

Eric Benet, who makes his debut as a dramatic leading man in “Trinity Goodheart,” says the faith-friendly film will hit home with viewers no matter what their spiritual beliefs.  “I don’t think this movie is trying to hit anybody over the heard with any particular religious or gospel message as much as it’s nudging everyone in a positive, loving direction towards healing the relationships they have,” explains Benet.

As the first in a monthly series of original motion pictures “Trinity Goodheart” represents GMC’s plan pursue a broader audience while staying true to its commitment to “faith-friendly” family entertainment.

The Gospel Music Channel was launched in 2004 by Charles Humbard, son of legendary televangelist Rex Humbard, as a showcase for Christian music videos, gospel special events (including the Stellar Awards and Dove Awards) and other religious-based shows.  The network now embraces programming which is inspirational without being explicitly religious.  That expanded mission is reflected in the company’s downsized moniker – GMC rather than Gospel Music Channel.

“We’ve moved from being Gospel Music Channel to just GMC,” clarifies the Vice-Chairman Brad Siegel. “Although gospel and inspirational music are still a big part of what we do, it is not necessarily a part of every movie or every series that we do.”

GMC will follow the August 20 premiere of “Trinity Goodheart” with the debut, on September 25, of “A Mile In His Shoes,” the story of an autistic baseball player who changes the life of a minor league manager.  October, November and December will find GMC rolling out the original films “Decisions,” “The 5th Quarter” and “The Heart of Christmas.”  And production is currently underway on two major movie events slated for 2012:  “A Cross to Bear” (a dram, currently filming in Atlanta, executive produced by Terri J. Vaughn and starring Kim Fields, Jackie Long, Malinda Williams, and hip hop gospel star LaCrae) and “Brother White” (comedy starring Reginald Veljohnson, Jackee Harry, Victoria Jackson and David A.R. White that will begins Los Angeles at the end of this month).

“Trinity Goodheart” premieres on GMC on Saturday, August 20, at 9 p.m. ET.  Encore performances are set for Sunday, August 21 and Monday, August 22 all at 9 p.m. ET.  For complete information, visit www.watchGMCtv.com.