*Actor and R&B heartthrob Tyrese released a sneak peak of his latest video for single “I Gotta Chick” for his upcoming release “Open Invitation.”

“I think a lot of people are going to be shocked with this video, this is my comeback,” he said. “I’m back, homie. We’re going to bring class, tact and good energy back to these videos.”

Well maybe outraged is a better word than shocked at this point.  That’s because an overwhelming amount of his fans are black women and were simply outraged by the lack of representation they had in the video.

What’s up with that?

The video in fact was pretty distasteful, being criticized as a virtual orgy with 15-20 women with just one Black woman involved, not that it would be an appreciated representation anyway. But what can you expect with lyrics like “I f***s with her hard/ She’s my lil’ ghetto sex soldier.”

And when fans tweeted why there weren’t more Black women, he replied:

I had a 2 day audition. I welcomed ALL women and went with the BEST. I don’t do favors… Doesn’t matter the race!! I’m Black as s**t!!! Love my sisters!! You do auditions and go for the BEST! Not race! Love u.”

Check it out for yourself: