*The name “Ultimate Merger” leads one to believe a “joining” of two halves is to be the creme-de-la-creme, the splicing of the very best into something that is even better.

With TV One’s “Ultimate Merger” (premiering tonight at 9pm Eastern), Toccara is out on the prowl in her search for a man.  With someone this fine we would have thought that finding a willing participant to share her life with was the least of her worries, but that goes to show how much we know.

Some of our readership enjoyed the first installment of “Ultimate Merger” with Omarosa, self described TV villain. With Toccara we have a woman of would-be supermodel fame who first came to our attention as a contestant on Tyra Banks’ “American’s Next Top Model.”  To say she was voluptuous would be an understatement, but she has slimmed down quite a bit recently. Luckily for the bachelor’s she has shed some of the pounds without losing any of the sexy. All among the 14 guys gathered can certainly attest to that.

Speaking of the bachelors, el heffe Lee Bailey had a recent sit down with a few of them and got an inside look into what to expect.  After witnessing many men make complete fools of themselves on reality television over the years we wondered what would posses a sane minded individual to do reality television in the first place?

“I did the show because I thought Toccara was a beautiful lady and I wanted to meet her.” said Cedric, a strength and conditioning coach from Compton, California.

Chris, a 25 year old helicopter mechanic from Port Saint Lucie, Florida says he thought it a chance of a lifetime.  We would agree, but a chance to do what is anybody’s guess.

But Jason, from Los Angeles, went a little more in depth with his answer.

“She’s a real cool person and I just wanted to get the chance to meet her,” he explained. “So, with that being the case, I just took the opportunity when it was presented.  That was pretty much the key element.”

At least one of the fellas was able to put that “opportunity” into words.  But Kevin, a singer and mixed martial artist also from LA went in.

“Personally, I never knew Toccara and I’m always up for a new challenge,” he explained. “I’m a professional with the ladies so I took the opportunity to showcase my talents on a elite level. I’ve been fine tuning my skills for years so I wanted to take this opportunity to show them to the public and show them how it’s done.”

Wow, sounds like Kevin is the man to watch on “Ultimate Merger.” Not for the skills, but the laughs. However, we would advise caution. It appears as though he ran into some issues on the show.  Was “Merger” a proper format for the aforementioned skills.

“In it’s own way it was but I think there may have been some controversial issues that arose on the show that may have hurt my chances of getting with Toccara. But I definitely believe that I brought my A game and I belong on an elite level.”

“Ultimate Merger” is only the latest rendition of a reality show version of the “go-to-guy.” Whenever a producer wants to make a splash in that genre the matchmaker format seems like it’s the top card in the deck every time. We’re not certain, but we don’t believe any of the bachelors on any other reality show of “Ultimate Merger’s” ilk ever wound up marrying the “catch.” Some even felt the shows were scripted, and that the object of the contestants’ affections isn’t looking for anything other than a check. We asked Kevin whether he thought he met the “real” Toccara.

“I still have some questions in my mind as to whether she was being herself or whether she was trying to uphold this television persona,” said Kevin. “Sometimes I wish I had the opportunity to be with her more without the cameras in our face. I think she would soften up a bit and not be so much of the diva, which is her brand and I think she’s doing an excellent job with that brand. On a personal level I would have liked to have more time with her off camera.”

Even a 1st grade child can shoot proverbial holes in the phrase “reality television” and it should come as no surprise when contestants are asked to maneuver in unrealistic circumstances. You get a gang of handsome and ambitious men, a rather succulent morsel of a woman (sorry feminist readers) and throw them together in a free for all.  How unreal can you get?  Does the format ever produce a true winner?

“It’s really hard to say,” said Kevin.  “At any one time there were multiple gentlemen there. It was very rare that any man got any alone time with Toccara.”

“The only time there was really any time around her without the camera is when we wrapped and were leaving,” added Chris. “You needed to pick and chose your time when you were going to talk to her.”

It sounded like these statements could have been the musings of contestants that were shown the door early on in this escapade, but Jason broke it down like this.

“In life you’re competing with hundreds of different guys at one time,” he explained. “So, to be in a situation like that you have the opportunity to get into a setting to do what you do and be the best that you are.  You have to be aggressive and get out there and get what you want.”

Survival of the fittest in the jungle of love, or at least TV lust.  But not just any old beast can romp with these wolves. The NAVY SEALs of mackin’?

“This is for the elite,” said Kevin. “You have to refine your techniques over the years for this one.”

Yep, years of finely tuned mackin’ will be on display starting Thursday, August 4 at 9pm Eastern on TV One. We’ll see who goes home early, who makes a complete ass of themselves and we’ll see who will be the last man standing on “Ultimate Merger.”

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