*Things are more than tense right now across the nation and the globe. The economy is  failing and people all over are being affected.

CNN’s Carol Costello had a conversation with PBS host Tavis Smiley and his best man/bud Prof. Cornel West as they harshly criticized the president.

The duo is currently taking a nationwide “Poverty Tour” to highlight the lack of attention given to poor people in America. They appeared on “American Morning” to discuss the tour.

“I think this debt ceiling deal, Carol, was really a declaration of war on the poor,” Smiley said. “The Congress, the president, respectfully, have declared war on the poor…no unemployment extensions for poor people. No closing of a single corporate loophole, not one new tax, not one cent of new tax on the rich and the lucky.”

But Costello didn’t quite agree. She in fact responded saying that poor Americans lived relatively comfortably, citing a Heritage Foundation study.

“What are they complaining about?” she asked, and, citing the study again, continued, “[rich] people pay the taxes in America and the poor don’t pay any.” West called this a “lie,” saying that “most of the taxes are paid by middle class. One out of four corporations don’t pay a penny of taxes.”

Smiley went on to describe the things he’d like the president to do for the poor and further pleaded that Obama is the representative for all Americans and he needs to do well by all Americans.

It’s getting verrry interesting out there. Watch: