*Kanye West and his industry buddy, Jay-Z have been butting heads lately when it comes to their coming live shows. While the artists anticipate the release of Kanye’s next piece of art, “Watch the Throne,” the two are clashing over performance requirements.

Kanye, in his artsy and extravagant self wants a high end setup, while his counterpart would like a more economical bid.

He is indeed a big spender who just needs what he wants when he wants it.

According to reports, the rapper spent $11,454 a night  at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, England while headlining the “Big Chill Festival.”

The lodging was to die for with 12 bedrooms, a library, gothic dining room, 300-acre grounds and transportation to the event in a 16-seat Humvee limo.


So now that we have a better understanding of his expensive taste, regarding the show, he’s requested “20 locally sourced ballet dancers” and a special raised area so he can “crowd surf in safety.”

Basically he wants to make an impact with a high-impact budget.

While the two are working their kinks out on this, let’s hope the fans get the show they want.