Actress Zoe Saldana arrives at the screening of Columbia Pictures' "Colombiana" on August 24, 2011 in Los Angeles

*A number of complaints have been raised about the film “Colombiana,” including the fact that an actress of Dominican descent, Zoe Saldana, is playing a woman from Colombia.

Also, some folks believe the violent subject matter surrounding the woman’s lifelong attempt to avenge the murder of her parents may reinforce stereotypes about the country being a danger zone.

In an LA  press conference for the film, which opens today nationwide, Saldana said the filmmakers were also concerned about Colombia being misrepresented and urged those condemning the film to actually view it before casting stones.

“We need to give ourselves the opportunity to watch it, because it doesn’t deal with any cartels, it doesn’t deal with any drugs, it just deals with bad guys,” Saldana said Wednesday. “And bad guys, honey, every country, every barrio, every neighborhood, every block has them all. So, that said, I don’t feel we were being stereotypical.”

Saldana also noted that her character even develops a “dark knight” need to rid the entire world of evil people while pursuing her revenge.

“I would be proud if I was Colombian,” she said of the film. “If anything, I want [writer/producer] Luc Besson to call it ‘Dominican,’ because that’s where my heritage is from.”

In the bonus audio below, Saldana reveals what alcoholic beverage helped her to unwind each night and how she prepared for the following day during “Colombiana’s” physically-demanding shoot.

Colombiana’s Zoe Saldana on unwinding after a physical shoot and preparing for the next day by CherieNic