*If you are expecting a good ending to this season’s “True Blood,” think again. Unless you like cliff-hangers that carry on to the next season, you may be disappointed.

According to Nelsan Ellis, who plays the role of Lafayette in the series, viewers may be unhappy.

“People are going to be [upset] because they’re going to have to wait like seven months before they figure out what materializes after this finale,” he revealed. “No finale in the history of ‘True Blood’ has been worse than this one in terms of the cliffhangers.”

Despite what he believes the fans will think, he also commented that this may be the best finale yet.

He said, “The finale turns Bon Temps upside down … Lafayette and Jesus are directly in the middle of it, and it doesn’t end well.”

Titled “And When I Die”, the season 4 finale will see Marnie’s newest incarnation during Samhain which is Wicca’s greatest holy day when spirits of the dead surface in Bon Temps. The rising dead, however, will give Sookie valuable allies to combat Marnie.