Kim Kardashian, and Mario Lopez film a segment for the CW show "H8ters," premiering Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 8 p.m. on The CW

*This week, CW will debut its new series that boasts of bringing celebrities face to face with their haters. [Scroll down for the trailer.]

Hosted by Mario Lopez, “H8R,” premiering at 8 p.m. on Wednesday (Sept. 14), features Snooki from “The Jersey Shore” and Jake Pavelka from “The Bachelor” in the first episode — each confronting someone who spends their time bashing everything about them.

“It provides a forum for cowards, quite honestly, because they’re in their home and probably chilling out in their underwear and saying all these vicious things,” Lopez told us at the Television Critics Association press tour in August. “And then we thought it would be interesting, what if this person confronted the person they’re bashing, and would they say it face to face? Would they still have the guts to tell them to their face? And that’s what we’re going to find out. And because of the Internet, we’re able to find a plethora of haters.”

Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez shooting scenes for "H8R" at Eva's Hollywood Blvd. restaurant, Beso. (Aug.13, 2011)

Once the hater and the hated meet face to face on the show, the celebrity spends time trying to convince the person that their constant hateration is unfounded.

“They’re still a person that has feelings,” Lopez says of the celebrities who have taken part in the show, including Kim Kardashian, Barry Bonds, Kat Von D, Eva Longoria and Leah Remini. “This person is crapping all over them, saying all this stuff, and then [the celebs] have the courage to kind of come face to face and say, ‘Hey, listen. You don’t even know me. What’s your deal? This is just what you see on TV. Why don’t you spend a little time with me before you judge me?’ So we try to show different layers of different people. Not all the people are necessarily such polarizing figures.”

In the audio bonus below, Lopez and “H8R” executive producer Mike Fleiss say it was pretty easy finding celebrities who wanted to participate in the series.

H8R host Mario Lopez and executive producer Mike Fleiss on finding the celebs and their haters by CherieNic