*Whether you like it or not, Shemar Moore is one fine … brother. He’s the kind of guy that gets the ladies going at just the mention of his name. And at 41, he’s still got it.

But apparently he doesn’t think he’s at his prime.

“I’m not in very good shape right now,” he declared, despite his obvious sexiness.

“As I get older it’s getting harder and harder, but it’s part of my image to look a certain way, so I’m holding on,” laughed Moore, whose often physically demanding role as special agent Derek Morgan on CBS’ “Criminal Minds” helps, writes bet.com’s Gerri Miller.

Speaking of the show, it’s going into its seventh season; its success Moore attributes to the show’s cast chemistry, good writing, and drama element.

“It’s like Silence of the Lambs meets Seven,” he revealed.

He added:  “I know it’s pretend … I’d never own a gun. I don’t like guns. My mother hates that I carry a gun. But I look like I know what I’m doing,” explains Moore, who relates a lot to his TV character.

“He’s a tough guy … you understand why he has the bravado that he has, but underneath all that [he] is a softie with a big heart, and vulnerabilities and insecurities that justify why he’s guarded. His passion comes from a good place but it gets him in trouble.”Moore considers himself just as passionate, physically capable, and slow-to-trust as his character.

“But I’m not as tough, not looking for the fight. I get along with everybody. Derek is a little more hot-tempered.”

He explained that while his role is a tough guy, he wants to be a good example to others and just get along. He said that others are watching him and it’s important for him to lead a righteous life.

“Criminal Minds” premieres on CBS on Sept. 21.