*Tracee Ellis Ross has a new man, but her mama ain’t to proud if you are to believe the National Enquirer.  You see, the actress has hooked up with Akon’s little brother, Bu Thiam.

According to sources close to Diana Ross, mama is outraged by the couple’s coming together. But the age isn’t an issue. It’s about the man coming from a known line of polygamists.

“Diana is livid that Tracee is getting so serious with Bu,” a source close to Diana revealed. “Diana wants the best for all her children, and marrying into a family that practices polygamy was never in the cards for her kids.”

Akon is a proud polygamist who has three wives of his own. Daddy has four. The Senegalese family comes from a tradition where marrying multiple women is common.

But Tracee isn’t that serious, yet.

“Tracee has reassured her mom and the rest of the family that she and Bu aren’t making any wedding plans,” the insider said. “And she told her mother that if she does walk down the aisle with Bu, there’s no need to worry-she’d make sure she’s his only wife.”