*She’s brash. She’s bold. And Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania “Hell’s Kitchen” contestant Elise Wims, 27, is shaking up Hell’s Kitchen in Season Nine.

And with Fox television trumpeting, “Can anyone stop the diva chef from Hell?” (not so subtly referring to Wims), the next few episodes of “Hell’s Kitchen,” whose ratings have been shooting through the roof, will definitely prove to be “must see” television.

Wims beat out thousands of would-be contestants to earn a spot on “Hell’s Kitchen” and her explosive personality is winning her a growing fan base who are tuning in each week to see her compete-and throw attitude.
After beating out 13 other contestants, Wims, who has been cooking since she was 9, is now the only African American and one of the top five finalists in the running to capture the position of head chef at BLT Steak restaurant in New York City.

But each week, the petite Wims, who admitted that she is “overly aggressive,” continues to clash with her fellow contestants with her bigger-than-life personality. As Charlie Sheen would say, Wims is “winning,” but for how long? It’s anyone’s guess.

Wim’s abrasive behavior has got fellow contestants plotting to get rid of her as she continues to question their competency and leadership ability in the kitchen.

“I’m more of a leader than the two of you put together, and you know it’s true,” Wims blasted in a recent episode to her fellow female contestants, Jennifer and Elizabeth.

“They’re mad because I won’t let them push me around,” Wims said in another recent episode.

Referring to Jennifer after another showdown in the kitchen, Wims sniffed, “Jen is trying to make me look bad, but she’s going to regret not having a friend in me.”

“No one respects you. You don’t listen,” Jennifer shot back to Wims during a particularly tense moment in the show.

“I am a great cook and a leader,” Wims barked back.

“Elise is the kind of person who throws you under the bus and then runs over you three times,” Jennifer moaned to the camera.

Wims has also been causing havoc with the men on the team, who are rattled by her overly aggressive manner.

“Elise tries to bully everybody, but she’s not getting the best of me,” growled Paul, 27, one of the contestants on the show.

After a less than stellar dinner performance on a recent show, Wims and Elizabeth faced the show’s host Gordon Ramsay as they waited to see who would get the ax.

“Take off your jacket,” barked Gordon Ramsay to Wims. A tearful Wims braced to get the hatchet, but Ramsay sent blond-haired Elizabeth to the exit, telling Elizabeth she was “not ready” to run a kitchen. Ramsay said he was giving Wims a second chance. He threw Wims the prized black and white chef’s jacket, signaling to Wims that she had made it to the top five and was still in the running.

“Now get back in line,” he barked, while Wims’ stunned co-workers shook their heads in disbelief and groaned.

“The war is on,” growled Jennifer.

And with contestants accusing each other of sabotage, intrigue, and not-so-subtle backstabbing, Wims would be advised to keep her knives sharpened and ready in the kitchen.

Stay tuned, folks. “Hell’s Kitchen” airs Monday’s at 8/7c on Fox.