*It seems once again that MediaFakeOut has started some stuff. This time the rag published a story that Evelyn Lozado and Chad Ochocinco were splitsville and that she’s quitting “Basketball Wives” because she’s pregnant.

Well Lozada took to Twitter to respond.

***RUMORS TO CLEAR UP*** “I am not pregnant people and me and Ochocinco (Chad Johnson) are still together! STOP BELIEVING THE LIES “THIS” BLOG POSTS!! I think it’s sad that readers even believe the bulls**t this site posts! I respect & support bloggers that do their research!”

OK, we got that cleared up … we guess, but what about her leaving “BBall Wives” and signing off of Twitter as we reported a few days ago?

“Just wanted to say that I won’t be on Twitter for a while,” Lozada tweeted earlier this week. “Going 2 possibly delete my account & I won’t be signing on 2 do anymore shows.”

Well, she didn’t deal with that at all, so we’ll have to wait and see. If you’re wondering, season 4 of “Basketball Wives starts taping next month form an early 2012 premiere.