*Evelyn Lozada may be the first celebrity to get a clue about private life and celebrity life.

The “Basketball Wives” star has announced that she’s taking a break from her over 600, 000 followers on the social media network Twitter for a while and dropped hints that she may be missing from the most watched reality-drama show on television.

“Just wanted to say that I won’t be on Twitter for a while,” she tweeted late Tuesday night before dropping another bombshell: “Going 2 possibly delete my account & I won’t be signing on 2 do anymore shows.”

But some aren’t so convinced she’s serious. Before the start of season three, the star held out from signing anything in hopes to get a pay-raise. She came back, obviously.

So, speculation remains whether or not she’s making a big scene for the same cause or if it’s really something legitimate.

“I really thank you all for all of your support! I truly love the people that have stuck by me! #ImOut,” she stated before signing off.

This comes just days after Evelyn tweeted “WORDS CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW! :(” just hours before arriving in Boston to spend some time with her fiancé, Chad Ochocinco.

Hmm … put us in the not convinced column as well.