*Fabolous decided to take a prime time opportunity to address the allegations made against him regarding an altercation between him and Ray J in Las Vegas over the weekend.

In an interview Monday morning with New York’s Power 105.1 “Breakfast Club” morning show, Ray J said he “socked” the NYC rapper in the face after the Floyd Mayweather/Victor Ortiz fight.

But you probably won’t be surprised to know that the other side of the story was a bit different. Fab shared his story with DJ Clue Monday night.

“This is not no big thing to me,” Fab said. “This is more of a war on drugs than a war between Ray J and me. This ni**a is high or he’s coked up or on pills. This rant I heard, which is hilarious to me, first and foremost, it’s a joke. I’m taking it serious on the side of where he thinks he should do that, but I’m laughing at his whole character. Like there’s nobody that believes Ray J’s gangsta to that point unless he gonna prove it. So at this point now he’s gonna have to prove all this funny ish that he was talking on ‘The Breakfast Club.’”

He clarified the issue, explaining the two just bumped heads and had an argument before a show, but no blows were ever thrown.

“I’m walking down the hallway to the show,” he detailed. “I see ‘Kiss, say wassup to Kiss. I see 50 [Cent] against the wall, I see Floyd against the wall and I see Brandy’s brother with the red hoody on. So I walk up, I give 50 a dap. I go to give Floyd a dap and than Ray J chimes in and says ‘Yo, ‘my ni**a I’m here with the money team and we was talking about the jokes and wasn’t feeling the jokes.’ So I’m laughin, I’m thinkin’ he’s continuing the talk or something from the dinner. Still making more joke of it…I felt the joke was over but I’m laughin with him anyway just to not make him look stupid.

“So now I look over at 50 and 50′s just lookin, they lookin like they just trying to see what Ray J is talking about,” he continued. “So now I go over to Ray J and he’s like ‘We real ni**as, we’re not bitch ass ni**as. This the money team. This is this that and third.’ And now I’m just like hold on hold on. So now I’m looking at him in his eyes and I’m startin’ to feel like, ‘is he serious’ like what’s goin on here. ‘Are you serious ni**a.’ So I asked him, like ‘Yo Ray J what’s wrong with you man? Are you serious. What are you talking about…’

“While he’s talking to me he’s like touching my shoulder, tappin me on the chest and you know just talking,” he explained. “So I’m like, ‘If you serious let’s just finish, first of all don’t touch me no more. Don’t touch my body in any sort of way. Don’t touch me.’ So he’s like, ‘What you mean don’t touch me fam.’ And I said, ‘Well I just said, Don’t touch me.’ From there he moved back and then he like pushed off of me on my chest, so when he pushed off of me I jumped back to him and I grabbed him up. So I grabbed him up. There was no fight, there was no swing. This whole story that he made up; that whole Tupac rant about him swinging on somebody and all that, was all lies…That ni**a was on that Whitney last night or something. There was no swinging that took place. You could ask the money team. The money team was there. Ask the money team that he’s probably the water team for.

“So I grabbed him up by his little red hoody and I holdin’ him there by his hoody and I’m like, ‘Just chill out lil’ red riding hood,’ I’m holdin the ni**a and there’s a bunch of commotion from all of the security guards. The hoody is over his face, like I coulda mopped the floor with him if I really wanted to. I’m just holdin him…so everybody chilled out. They calmed it down. Everybody’s like, ‘Just chill out, just chill out,’ and I let his hoody go, pushed him back. He’s behind his security dude’s screamin’ at the three of ’em and throughout the whole altercation the only thing that happened was that my shades fell off or my shades got lost in the whole lil’ scuffle thing, whatever. So I went to my dressing room which was two feet down when this happened. I had a couple sips of Fiji water. We joked about it in there. Me, Kevin Hart and Meek Mill. Meek Mill came out to the show. Shout out to Meek Mill and Kevin Hart. We joked about it for a lil’ bit. I went on stage maybe about 10 minutes after that.”

Listen to the full interview below: