*J. Cole is making quite a stand in music with his new single, “Mr. Nice Watch” which features Jay-Z.

The artist, who was the first to sign to Roc Nation in 2009, is making his mentor proud. Laced with a snappy digital beat, the J. Cole produced single sounds a lot like tracks on “Watch the Throne.”

Hmm… is it coincidence the single is debuting after Jigga’s release?

The young artist shows off some of his lyrical talents along with some rhythmic flips and tricks.

Although his line isn’t the best, Jay-Z adds a little flavor and solidifies the track with his star power.

Regardless, the artist is doing his thing. And with his Roc Nation debut (“Cole World: The Sideline Story”), he’s sure to win over new fans, especially after his previous mixtapes.

Check out the track below. We LIKE it. Whadda you think?