*From the perspective of a brother, Jermaine Jackson discusses his deceased brother’s childhood in his new book “You Are Not Alone Michael: Through a Brother’s Eyes.”

Jackson offers answers to some of the lingering questions fans have had for decades like why a grown man has an amusement park in his backyard and did he ever have a normal childhood.

He writes that due to the deprivation, his brother overindulged and made up for his early years in an extreme way.

“There only ever seemed to be lurid judgments about him and his ranch without any attempt to figure out the more complex ‘why?’” Jermaine writes. “As with everyone, his background shaped him. But fame—especially the iconic status attached to my brother—built a public barrier as big as a dam in front of his need to be understood.”

He also unveils some of the family’s secrets and some of the events that occurred over the years that inspired some of his little brother’s hits.

Jackson said the book, “addresses everything and says the things he never got a chance to say… I ask that you walk in his shoes and then make up your mind.”