*Even two years after his death, Michael Jackson is still making news.

Some old stuff got dug up when reporters had a flash back from Jermaine telling the The London Times how the family would have saved the pop star if convicted for child molestation back in 2005.

Jermaine Jackson’s rep, Steve Dennis, clarified to E! News exactly what he meant when he said little brother Jackson would board a private jet to Bahrain, which doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S. But the “plan” was not to be taken literally.

“It wasn’t an actual plan, because if he was convicted, he would be handcuffed and put in jail.” Adding, “It was an idea Michael was unaware of. It was supposed to be demonstrative of how desperate Jermaine was. He felt the justice system was so against Michael … He was determined to get him out, he was determined to save him from persecution [if convicted].”

However, the plan is detailed in Jermaine’s book, “You Are Not Alone: Michael Through a Brother’s Eyes” which will be published later this week. It includes Jermaine’s rationalization of what drove the family to cook up a such radical scenario:

“If they were going to sit and crucify my brother for something that he didn’t do, America deserves us not to come back here.”