Eddie Murphy at Kevin Hart's Black Carpet Event in LA

*Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart, who hosted the Oscars in 2006, says he doesn’t have any advice for the 2012 emcee Eddie Murphy.

“Listen, the last person I would give advice to is Eddie Murphy. He’s gonna f–king kill it,” Stewart tells Rolling Stone. “He’s the type of guy they haven’t had in a while. He’s a movie star, but he’s a great comic – sort of similar to Billy Crystal in his ‘multi-ability.'”

Stewart says his dry comedy sense is different than Murphy’s more showbiz background.

“With guys like me, you get the sense that at some level, deep down inside, we think it’s f–king ridiculous. Now that can make for a very entertaining show. But it’s good to mix it up,” he says.

“The biggest problem of the show is the show,” he tells Rolling Stone. “My favorite thing was when we showed one of their montages about all of these incredibly socially powerful films, and how Hollywood was a leader in the civil rights movement. I came back after the montage ended and said, ‘And racism was never a problem again.’ You just felt the whole room go, ‘Hey motherf–ker, Who do you think you are?”