*EURWeb’s own Lee Bailey caught up with the legendary Larry Blackmon of funk band Cameo and got the full scoop on an upcoming studio album that would be their first since 2000’s “Sexy Sweet Thing.”

“It’s traditional Cameo,” said Blackmon, 55, of the album’s direction. “It’s what we feel like doing now and what we might be doing in the future. It should be interesting.”

Cameo circa 2011, which includes band members Aaron Mills, Charlie Singleton and Anthony Lockett, have been spending the past decade touring – deliberately.

“We wanted to go back to how we started,” said Blackmon. “Instead of doing it like recording, then touring, then recording, then touring, we went back to touring year round. It keeps us fresh. After a while it becomes monotonous and we had to take a break, but then we went back to touring, and now we’re recording.”

In the audio bonus below, Blackmon talks more about the new album, and if any of today’s R&B sound will have an influence on the project.

Larry Blackmon on first new Cameo album in 11 years by CherieNic