*Lil Wayne might not be as dumb as some think. He has an opinion worth listening to.

The rapper may have a future in politics after he blasted the Tea Party and is weighing in on the Republican presidential field.

When he was asked about the GOP hopefuls who have called Social Security a Ponzi scheme and even questioned the president’s patriotism, he said he’s not surprised at their views.

“You learn from what the right-wing is doing and you take something from it,” Wayne tells VIBE. “I feel like as a people the most that we can do is better ourselves and learn. Then look at yourself and ask ‘Am I the person they’re talking about or am I not?’ You have to make the most of who you are because the Republicans are never going to like us.”

While admitting the criticism is understandable regarding Obama’s handling the economy, he added that the Republicans often make the comments that they do because they just can’t get over the fact that the president is Black.

Lil Wayne will appear on the upcoming Oct./Nov. issue of VIBE.