Monica Cost

*I’m dedicating this week’s article to the hard of hearing. By that I mean men who have a hard time hearing the intended message from a woman. This not for the women playing hard to get and I suspect their game is tighter than these ten. I’m talking about knowing when a women is sincerely disinterested. As always, I’m doing what I can to help someone come out of the Land of Make Believe.

I felt compelled to write this because I’m such a stickler for time. And I hate to see so many men wasting their time when there are so many other ways to spend it.

Here we go:

1. If she takes a non-emergency call while you’re on a first date, then she’s probably not that into you.

2. If she goes to the bathroom more than once and stays a while, then she’s probably talking to her girlfriend about how to get out of it. Your conclusion should be that she’s not “feelin’ you”.

3. If she never answers the phone when you call, but she calls back eventually, she’s probably not “feelin’ you”.

4. If she’s feeling you, then she will explain why she didn’t pick up or she will offer an explanation, so you’re clear that the reason wasn’t because she didn’t want to talk to you. Otherwise, she’s probably not “feelin’ you”.

5. If she doesn’t ever put on her “head turning gear” and is always casual, then it’s safe assume that she “ain’t feelin’ you”.

6. If she only talks to you about her problems, then you’ve already been put into the friend category. If she really likes you, she does not want to always be complaining and whining. Again here, you should understand that she is not feelin’ you.

7. If she blows off your flirtatious comments, then she’s probably not feeling you.

8. If she asks several times about what happened with your ex-girlfriend and suggests that you all would probably work, then. . .need I say it?

9. If you call her and she only responds in text, then she’s not feelin’ you.

10. If she’s more than 45 minutes late on a first date, then outside of an emergency, it’s safe to assume that she’s not feelin’ you.

And for the women who think that women don’t do anything to help one another, I just did (smile). Please feel free to add on, disagree or add general comments.

Monica Cost is communications strategist, brand manager and respected corporate and motivational speaker. She is the President and Founder of Evidently Assured, a communications and brand management firm.  Email her at:  [email protected]. Follow her via Twitter: @monicacost and W: – (Launching Nov. 18, 2011)