*Poor Meeka Claxton.

The “Basketball Wives”star that everyone loves to hate, stopped by Atlanta University Center over the recent holiday to show support for HBCUs. But she was not greeted with the same love she has for them.

Before she even had the chance to finish uttering Claxton’s name, a young lady introducing the star was drowned out by boos from the crowd.

The audience was extremely disappointed to see the only basketball wife that is still actually married, but in an attempt to redeem the situation, the event organizer stepped out to calm the crowd and demand respect.

But Meeka just replied with, “It’s all good; I feel yall. Haters doing good.”

The same young lady who introduced her responded with “We ain’t got no haters here.”


Well anyway, besides that, the ex-reality show wife is still a woman who stands on her own two feet.

She’s a designer and founder of Allure Realty Group and also holds a degree from Hofstra University. She’s worth $7 million, without her husband.

So haters just might be on the prowl.

Now, if you haven’t been keeping up, on “BBall Wives” Meeka’s best known for her backstabbing, social jocking, and gossiping mouth. She also had a weave-pulling fight with fellow cast member Tami Roman in the Rome, Italy episode.

Claxton filed a lawsuit against her “enemy” and declared never to return to the show.

But why do we have the feeling that despite the rumors that she’s been fired, she’s likely to come back next season.