*Known for his classy style and variety of headwear, Ne-Yo has decided to venture into the fashion industry as a designer, a hat designer in particular, that is.

“The line is called Francis Alargo,” Ne-Yo told The Boombox. “We’re going to debut it at Fashion Week [at] Saks Fifth Avenue.”

He didn’t say much else about the line that is scheduled to be officially announced later this month.

But he is doing much more than hats. He’s working on his new show, “I Heart Tuesdays,” a Cartoon Network series as well as his fifth studio album.

In other news, singe/songwriter/producer/actor getting used to being daddy to new baby Madilyn Grace, who was born almost a year ago last November.

“I’m digging it,” he shares. “It’s definitely a change. A little less partying, a little more going home, but I don’t mind it because I’d honestly rather spend the time with her.”

In regards to the lawsuit drama between him, rapper Pitbull and actress Lindsey Lohan, he attempted to make amends with her by inviting her as his date to the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, but she declined the offer.

Last month, the song “Give Me Everything,” made headlines when the troubled actress filed a lawsuit against Pitbull focusing her name in an arguably derogatory manner.