*Planned Parenthood of Arizona will not appeal a state-court ruling denying its request to halt parts of a 2009 abortion law from going into effect, saying it needs to focus its resources right now on its core mission of health care, reports AZCentral.com.

As a result, the new provisions began Monday.

Planned Parenthood of Arizona’s president and CEO, Bryan Howard, said there were two reasons for the decision not to appeal: Financial and resource challenges demand that the organization focus on health care, and the court’s ruling indicated that the chances of success in this particular case were not strong.

“We need to focus on patients right now, not politicians,” Howard said. “We’re a health-care provider, not a law firm.”

Howard said about 50,000 Arizona women seek care from Planned Parenthood’s 13 clinics each year, about 10,000 of them for abortions. The rest are for a variety of health-care needs, including birth control, vaccinations and annual gynecological exams.

He said new abortion restrictions – both those from the 2009 law as well as additional ones passed this year – have created huge staffing hurdles.

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