*Rev. Al Sharpton this morning chastised House Majority Leader John Boehner for disrespecting President Barack Obama earlier this week, during a live, morning remote broadcast of the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show during the weekend-long 2011 Allstate® Tom Joyner Family Reunion.

Sharpton urged black critics of the president to stop and “stand up for him or get out of the way.” He said that he will be leading a national effort to support the president’s proposed jobs plan to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure.  He said that Boehner and the Republicans “can’t tell us when to speak.”

“We can’t let them do that,” said Sharpton, a regular contributor to Joyner’s radio show. “So we’re going to act like we’re the real president. We’re going to put people back to work. We’ve got to rebuild schools, rebuild infrastructure. We have to spend the money on building this country and put people back to work who can rebuild this country – and that’s us.”

In response to blacks who have criticized the president’s efforts, including members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Sharpton said, “You listen to some of these people and they would make you think that they are ALL of the black people in America, but they’re not!”

Sharpton reminded listeners that the leading Republican presidential candidates do not “stand up for regular working people.”

“Either you gonna have Rick Perry who’s already said that he thinks Medicare is a Ponzi Scheme. And you’ve got Michelle Bachmann & you’ve got Romney. … Then you have President Obama,” Sharpton said.

Sharpton’s full comments can be found below.

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Rev. Al Sharpton on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Friday, September 02, 2011
(Note: it may contain some typos)

Rev Al: We won the election.

Tom: Right.

Rev Al: We didn’t take the election like one other guy did down here in FL. We won it fair & square.

Tom: Right.

Rev Al:  So we gonna act like we the reeeal President & we gonna put people back to work J.

Tom: What’s your plan?

Rev Al: Well we gotta rebuild schools, rebuild infa-structure, we have to spend the money on building this country & put the people back to work that can build it & that’s us so… we gonna have fun this weekend & then we going to work & we gonna back these Republicans up & we gonna put America back to work & support the President!

Tom: And come 2012 are we gonna re-elect the President?

Rev Al: We gotta register, & then we gotta come out & vote. They keep talking about we got the black voters not going to turn out. We going to turn ON & THEN we gonna turn out! You don’t know how to turn us out!

Tom: Are we going to vote?… Are we going to vote? Are we going to re-elect our President? I hope so… I hope so.

Rev Al: We have to

Tom: I mean… you listen to some of these people & they would make you think that they are ALL of the black people in America but they’re not!

Rev Al: That’s right. No… not only are they not. Who are you helping?
There’s only gonna be 1 of 2 people that wins Tom. Either you gonna have Rick Perry who’s already said that he thinks Medicare is a Ponzi Scheme.
And you’ve got Michelle Bachmann & you’ve got Romney. None of them stand up for regular-working people. OR you have President Obama. So it’s like with Super Bowl you either with 1 team or the other. You can’t be for a team that’s not on the field. These Blacks runnin’ around taking shots at the President are helping the other team.

Tom: Right!

Rev Al: You take care of that in the huddle. You don’t get out on the field & start tackling your own team.

Tom: Thank you! Thank you!

Rev Al: And when Boehner, the other night said the President couldn’t speak Wednesday, he wanted him to speak Thursday, I didn’t see none of them including members of the Black Caucus jump on Boehner! They in Congress with him. They can jump on the President but they’re SCARED to jump on these Republicans! I’m not scared her. You can slap a brotha but you can’t stand up to them? Stand UP or get out the way cuz you’re SCARED!

Tom: Reverend Al Sharpton y’all! At the Family Reunion!



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