*Singer and actress Teyana Taylor is being accused of attacking a movie director in Los Angeles last weekend, making it a bloody mess.

But she denies the claims and says it’s all a part of a big lie.

“At the end of the day, this was a 40-something man who put his hands on a 120 pound, 20-year-old female who was sick and crying,” she told the Daily News. “I did nothing wrong.”

She told reporters that she was defending herself when director Jean-Claude La Marre “jumped” on her and “began swinging” on the set of upcoming sexy western, “Gang of Roses 2.”

According to the actress, the day was really terrible with 119 degree heat and infected wisdom tooth that caused her to pass out a few days prior.

During the course of the day, her face became swollen on camera, prompting her to ask for a ride home. She says the director ignored her request for hours. She began crying later on, saying she became scared.

“I didn’t understand why the antibiotics weren’t working. I thought I might die. So by the third time asking, I told him I really had to go,” she said.

She said that was when La Marre allegedly turned around, walked over and punched her in the face saying “don’t scream at me b—h.”

“He hit me on the exact side of my face with the swelling,” she claimed. “And when I was hit more than one time, that’s when everything got crazy.”

The director told MediaTakeOut that Taylor injured him.

“It was just a couple of scratches. I wasn’t interested in calling the police because at the end of the day, she’s only 20 years old and she’s somebody’s daughter,” he told the website. “Everybody has a bad day or two. We’re moving on.”

Taylor took photos of the incident (and obtained by TMZ  – see below). Her shirt was ripped, exposing her chest and blood on her shorts.

But La Marre says he was defending himself, never hitting the actress.

Regardless of who started it, sources say that several crew members had to separate them.

Photos of Teyana Taylor's bloodied shorts and torn clothing