*Ron Isley never gets old, figuratively speaking that is. His music seems to blend right in with the going trends with ease and even with his classic style, he gets the party going. And over the decades he’s inspired a slew of other artists who only try to reach the level of his greatness.

Every single time he comes out with something new, it’s basically a hit, but his most recent project seemed to be a bit of a flop.

About “Mr. I” he commented to TheUrbanDaily about the unsuccessful stint.

“It was great until the record company, Def Soul/Island/Def Jam Records, was dismantled. The company was dismantled right at the beginning of the release. L.A. Reid was no longer there and everybody in the company was either laid off or fired. Some of our albums got caught up in that tangle there. L.A is going to Sony Records. Myself, I’ll probably wind up doing my next record with him. All our plans for the record were caught up in the changes. All of the sudden, L.A. Reid didn’t work at my label anymore.”

He also added that the promotions and marketing plan were not too good and a bit backwards. He explained that “Take It How You Want It” was supposed to be released first, but he got sent to jail for that tax problem he had. Aretha Franklin and the singer also did a duet, but she got sick. So everything went bad at the wrong time.

He commented that he’d like to work with Beyonce in the future and maybe Alicia Keys. There’s also talk about doing some work with R. Kelly again.

“Yes, I’m working with R. Kelly on the next album right now!”

Is it a collaborative album or just a solo record?

“Uh, I don’t want to tell you all of that. I kind of want to keep it a secret. We don’t want to give anything out. I can tell you it is going to be dynamite. You can tell the world that.”