*One of R&B’s biggest legends – R. Kelly – stopped by 107.5, WGCI’s Morning Riot radio show in Chicago last week to talk about the new cats following in his shadow, as well as the throat surgery that threatened his singing career.

“It was really scary,” Kelly said of the surgery. “At the end of the Love Letter Tour, towards the end, I started feeling it. “I thought I had a cold, but, man, I had like a cyst as big as a golf ball on my tonsils. The doctor’s though, they cut it out, they took care of me really good.”

As far as the new generation of singers, specifically Trey Songz and Chris Brown, he talked about some insults Songz attempted to hurt his pride with.

“I was pretty numb. I don’t feel those type of things man,” Kelly said of his beef with Songz. “It’s like I’m bullet proof when it comes to beef. I don’t deal with beef. I love steak.”

“I know that Trey Songz is the guy. If he keeps with the hits and he humbles himself a bit more, he will definitely be one of the runner ups.”

Kelly continued by talking his respect for Chris Brown saying: “Chris Brown is already there as far as he’s concerned. Because you know, he’s a humble guy.”