*A report at SoulTracks.com says Maze’s McKinley “Bug” Williams has died.

Williams, the band’s longtime percussionist, passed away in Chattanooga, Tennessee last Friday, September 2 according to an EUR source.

The story goes that he wasn’t feeling well at practice and went to his room. Someone noticed that he left his door opened and went in to check on him, but he was unresponsive. At that point he was rushed to a local hospital where he later died.

Williams, born in Philadelphia, was a life long friend of  Frankie Beverly and formed Maze with Beverly following their transition out of a group called the Butlers, Soul Tracks reported.

“I’ve never really played with anyone else,” says Williams about Frankie Beverly at the Maze website. “I always wanted the same basic things that Frank wanted for the band and my attitude was, ‘let’s take it to the max.'”

As of this posting, specific details of Williams’ age, death and funeral services were not available.

Our condolences to the Williams family and and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.