*Businessman and Hip Hop mogul has come up with something new … the Rush Card Android and iPhone app.

“The Android and iPhone apps are yet another channel we’ve provided to members to help them manage their money on the go,” said Ram Palaniappan, President of RushCard. “Since many of our cardholders are using web-enabled phones, the RushCard apps provide an invaluable money management tool for busy cardholders.”

In the meantime, while he’s still pushing the plastic, folk are questioning the legitimacy and honesty of this whole business. Rush Card along with other pre-paid credit card companies were subpoenaed by the Florida attorney general, who is investigating the industry.

Many claim the card, despite its seemingly simple stipulations, is laced with hidden fees and high interest rates.

“I completely welcome any and all debate, discussion and understanding about the best companies in the prepaid debit card industry, which my RushCard company helped found,” Russell Simmons told allhiphop.com. “The RushCard is extremely transparent in terms of the presentation of its fees and its services. All of the information is available for everyone to see on rushcard.com.”

He added that the card is a solution for people trying to rebuild the credit and financial reputation.

“RushCard is the solution for people who want affordable financial services that they can customize to suit their needs,” Simmons added. “As I look at the payments landscape, I see the banks as the large record chains and my RushCard is looking a lot more like iTunes. I welcome the public debate because the more educated the consumers are the more successful we become.”