*It’s not at all unheard of for a gospel artist to go secular. After all before Sam Cooke, Lou Rawls and Johnny Taylor were huge R&B/jazz & blues icons, they were gospel singers.

Lately that hasn’t been the case, but with recent news from Gospel Today, we find out that Shei Atkins is making the switch to R&B.

“Although I love God’s people, I can’t waste years trying to break this mentality and use that as an excuse for not doing what God told me to do.” – Shei Atkins

With these and other words, singer, Shei Atkins announced via an open letter published at Gospel Hip Hop site, DaSouth.com, that she is leaving Gospel to become an R&B artist. Atkins, a former Grammy-nominated artist went on to explain her decision-making process (see below) and offered strong opinions about Gospel audiences as “judgmental.”

She finished her personal note with these words:
I want to say that regardless of what genre of music I sing, know that I’m on a mission for God to go out INTO the world and be a godly example. Luke 5:10 says “Fear not, from now on you will be ?shing for people.” And that’s what I am doing; becoming all things to all men that I may by all means save some. If you can’t see and understand my vision, just pray for me. Don’t judge me. My music may not be for you, but know that I am reaching people and that I’m on God’s side

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